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If you happen to be a stroke survivor just reading this recently after the after your stroke, please take note…

I suffered my stroke while on vacation in Hawaii and had my inpatient rehab there on a O’ahu. My experience there I thought at the time was just okay, but when I got back to Seattle(my home) I had a vastly different experience as I go into in some more detail in another post here.

My inpatient experience was much more intense taking advantage of muscles while you still have them including lots of weight-bearing and full range of motion exercises. During this early stage, it is imperative that you use it or lose it! Now my outpatient experience here in Seattle, was the opposite, where they spent much more time teaching me how to just get by with my right side of my body which further promoted what neural plasticians refer to as “learned-non-use”, where your brain basically “forgets” about the affected side of the body. I have learned the hard way that there is actually much more damage done in the months after the stroke to the affected side of your body, then the stroke itself!

In addition to the major differences between inpatient and outpatient and facilities I was at, I also very much wish there was a better handoff from my doctors and staff between the two. There was very little sharing of medical charts and history and I just felt like I was just another number of hopeless chronic stroke patients once I got back to Seattle.

The moral of the story and my strong recommendation is that if you feel like you’re headed down the same path, find a different facility and Dr. Find one that provides comprehensive aggressive evidence-based therapy protocol! Oh, and I know I’ve said it already before, read this book!!