For the most part, I experienced much of the same including the denial of thinking I would recover in months, certainly not years. But yeah in reality, now I can see it will indeed be years.

TBI Rehabilitation

Debunking the Myths of Recovery

The beliefs of some people limit or prevent recovery. This post sets the record straight and removes some of the easily avoidable obstacles to successful recovery. This post reveals the truth about the following four myths:

  • Myth #1: You Will be Better Soon
  • Myth #2: Full Recovery Occurs Within One Year
  • Myth #3: Therapy Must Begin Shortly After Injury
  • Myth #4: Recovery Ends When the Plateau Begins

Myth #1: You Will be Better Soon

Recovery from brain injury is not the same as recovery from flu, broken bones, or an organ transplant. At this time, there is no shot that prevents brain injury, there is no cast that repairs brain injury, and a damaged brain cannot be replaced by transplant. Recovery is often a long process that sometimes requires physical, occupational, vision, speech, cognitive, and psychological therapies. Some people have also found healing through religious devotion…

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