Last week I had a couple appointments at Harborview- well should I say more like medieval tortures. It started with an MRI, which turned out to be a very long session since they were doing contrast for my neck images on top of all the brain scans. See my other post for the images on that.


As if that wasn’t bad enough, I then had my regular three-month series of Botox injections. For those of you that don’t know, Botox has other uses besides cosmetic, where they can use it to intentionally paralyze muscles that are contributing to bad muscle tone. The larger muscles like a bicep will come back sooner and stronger than other muscles in the arm like the tricep making the arm tense and constrict up. A Botox treatment will help begin relax the bicep so my arm will be in a more normal position. They typically consist of several shots in the lower arm and one large dose in my bicep(which really smarts). This time around though since I’ve had some issues with my left little toes curling up when I walk barefoot and since it is summertime, I asked about getting some Botox for those toes. I reluctantly approach the topic because I knew getting shots in my foot was not the feel to good :-(. In preparation for, I even thought to bring my mouth night-guard that I wear to protect my teeth from clenching. So I agreed to have the foot done as well, as a doctor assured me it probably wouldn’t be as bad as I thought. So I laid on my belly with my foot up in the air. He always warns me about when he is about to put the needle in with a little okay “a little pinch”… Wowza!!, Right in the arch of my foot it went. I grasped the front of the bed with my right hand as hard as I could trying to take deep breaths to relax much that possibly could. Not fun at all. I told him next time I’m bringing a flask of bourbon! Hopefully this round lasts longer in the last one did and I don’t have to go back for at least three months.