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I thought it may be interesting for some to have a look at a couple of the many MRI images I had taken post-stroke.

This first image below was taken hours after it occurred while in Hawaii where the imaging equipment used wasn’t near as good as the one here in Seattle. It is called a diffusion weighted image showing the acute stroke. Remember things are reversed – what looks like the left side is really the right. The second & third ones show follow-up scans in Seattle. They are called FLAIR weighted images where you can see the areas of brain damage very clearly.

What I found most interesting was a comment made by neurologist that the brain doesn’t like to have empty spaces so it fills voids in soon with cerebral spinal fluid – crazy uh? My right carotid artery that caused the stroke in the first place is still occluded, but they say they are not concerned as there is no pseudoaneurysm and since I’m obviously doing OK without it being open. My brain’s blood supply is all being fed then by what’s known as the Circle of Willis. This while being interesting, was quite a shock to me.

Hawaii (Castle Hospital):

MRI (1)

Seattle (Harborview):


MRI (2)


MRI (3)

UPDATE: A few days ago I had another MRI. There really wasn’t much change since the last set of images it sounds like the neurologist was really looking for if my right carotid artery had reopened causing the chance of what she said might cause a pseudo-aneurysm mentioned above. Below is a pretty good selection of the new images:

MRI -new

also, below is an image that took of my right carotid artery showing it still being occluded. I think it might be the little white box in the image on lower right-hand side below, but not certain as I thought the image is reversed?

right cotodid artery image

UPDATE (9/2016): Since all the Epilepsy hell, my Epilepsy Dr. showed be imagery of the entire right motor cortex void showing rather massive scar tissue around it.  One theory is the cause of my seizures is  the brain plasticity is doing what it can to recover and attempts to run into this scar tissue which can ultimately cause a massive ‘electrical storm’ in my brain leading to a clonic tonic seizure.  Fun stuff, not!