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Since now I’ve experienced two bouts of seizures myself, I have been on the lookout for more info on the topic…thought this is interesting

TBI Rehabilitation

27/05/2015 10:15:00

Scientists at Newcastle University will carry out a pioneering study to look at the development of epilepsy following a serious brain injury.

Epilepsy can be triggered after traumatic brain damage such as a stroke, head trauma and some infections, yet no-one knows why some people go on to develop the life-threatening condition and others do not.

A team at Newcastle University has now been awarded more than £147,000 from leading charity, Epilepsy Research UK, to study epileptogenesis – a term used to describe how epilepsy arises after an injury to the brain.

Epileptogenesis involves a long and complex cascade of events, and what little is known about it mainly focuses on the latter stages, as seizures start to occur. Identifying what happens at the beginning, however, could lead to important breakthroughs and, ultimately, treatments to stop the serious condition developing.

The two-year project is being led by Dr…

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