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Since now I’ve experienced two bouts of seizures myself, I have been on the lookout for more info on the topic…thought this is interesting

TBI Rehabilitation

The areas in purple are the regions of the brain where connectivity is significantly lower in patients with epilepsy, as compared to well patients.

The different images show the brain data from different angles. Image courtesy of Dario Englot

A new study found that patients with epilepsy have significantly weaker connections throughout their brain, particularly in regions important for attention and cognition, compared to individuals without epilepsy.

These weaker brain connections may reflect harmful long-term effects of recurrent seizures, but importantly the connectivity patterns may be used in the future to help locate which part of the brain is causing seizures, and may help doctors plan more effective surgeries.

In the study, 61 epilepsy patients and 31 controls subjects were analyzed using a non-invasive whole-brain imaging technique that detects magnetic fields produced by the electrical signals in the brain. The technique is called magnetoencephalography, and these MEG signals are used…

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