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(I don’t receive any money to help sell their products – just believe in them)

One of the very best devices I have used thus far in my recovery is the Saebo family of products.  They are especially effective for upper extremities (UE) rehab.  I have the Reach product which I am supposed to wear 1-2x/day for 45min sessions, but in reality due to time constraints, I don’t always get to.  Anyhow, the device facilitates hand & arm range of motion (ROM) and builds strength.  Buts its biggest advantage is that it aids/trains the brain to once again open to release objects.  Due to the tone & imbalance of muscles in a stroke survivor, grip is usually not the issue, where extending/opening the fingers is the tough part!  Videos below are of me practicing with my therapist, Linda at NW Hospital:

The promise of the device is that through repetition, the brain’s neuroPlasticity will help kick in toward more effective recovery.


Then during the night or more recently while I’m in front of the computer on days I work from home, I wear the Stretch product which helps keep the muscles from shortening plus keeps the hand & arm in a nice relaxed position.  This seems to also really help.

My Premera insurance covered the Stretch, but unfortunately, I had to pay out-of-pocket for the Reach.  A new product they have come out with now that I’m interested in is the Glove, which certainly looks like it has its unique benefits!  Oh, and you can’t just purchase on your own….you have to go find & go through a trained/certified therapist.  Highly recommend looking into this therapy as it’s been a huge help to me!