It’s definitely our plan to return each year to this wonderful gem of a place! Highly recommend to anyone searching for that true get-away!

black cloud reflections

San Gorgonio mountain, also known as Old Greyback San Jacinto mountain

Went to the land of sun, drought, wind (and accompanying wind turbines) and hot springs for a brief (2 days) getaway. Hubby had been pestering me for months – well, really about a year now – to get some down time at a spa and started doing a ton of research on it. He found a place called The Spring in Desert Hot Springs (right near Palm Springs) where they have three mineral spring pools of varying temps and mineral levels that purportedly can cure whatever ails you. Not sure two days cured anything but it sure as hell didn’t hurt, nor did the sun, two massages, view of the Transverse Range mountains and lovely nature walk at the Morongo Preserve (highly recommend if you like birdwatching, plus it’s crazily cool in the marsh section – yes, an actual marsh in the desert).

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