I will start combining e-stim with both my stretch & Reach…

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By Shannon L. Scott OTR/L

There is alot we still don’t know about what constitutes “best practice” when it comes to neurorehabilitation and how to affect optimal recovery and outcomes, but there are some things that we do have a better understanding of. Let’s take stroke recovery and rehabilitation as an example, specifically upper extremity (UE) recovery, since it is reported that at least 50% of individuals who suffer a stroke have UE involvement and impairments (though the numbers vary depending on which study you are reading).

Following a stroke, we do know that muscle weakness and imbalance, abnormal tone/spasticity, impaired sensation, and pain are primary UE impairments (though pain is more secondary than primary). We also know that muscle imbalance and abnormal tone can lead to soft tissue shortening and joint contractures which results in loss of range of motion. We know that all of these contribute to an…

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