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I’ve meant to take a journey back to early 2014 while in Hawaii during my inpatient rehab at Rehab of the Pacific.  I have really learned to appreciate care that I received there compared to the outpatient care here in Seattle once back. One would think a major city like Seattle, care would be state of the art being that it is the U of W and all. But IMHO, I should have stayed longer in Hawaii,as care overall there was much better. I credit their great team of therapists with teaching me to walk, talk, get dressed, and so many other of life’s basic everyday things where movement of both sides of body is key.Now I understand it may not be fair to compare inpatient and outpatient care, but I so needed a smoother handoff from one to the other.  As I transitioned from the ever important subacute phase of recovery to the chronic phase, I realize so much ground was lost. Muscle weakness and tone quickly set in and the right type of exercise and aggressive therapy protocol wasn’t followed. I felt like I was treated to the lowest common denominator that Harborview sees all too much. It’s like no one stopped to realize how motivated, young, and active I was and that I wasn’t the overweight 75-year-old that needed to learn how to just get by one-handed and sit in a wheelchair for years to follow. I desperately wanted my rehab doctor to give it to me straight, see my potential and tailor my care appropriately.


Once muscle weakness set in, so did the shoulder pain. After doing my research and learning about Saebo, I realized that pain was going to prevent me from doing any sort of productive exercise. It wasn’t then until I took it on myself to start getting acupuncture to got me over the pain, that then allowed the aggressive use of Saebo, which I credit getting me where I am today so far.

So hats off to you Rehab of the Pacific –  I very much want to visit someday and hope Scott and Wendee and others there are doing well!  I think you’d be quite proud of my progress 15+ months later.

Update:  Wow, I’ve since read that Rehab of the Pacific is undergoing renovations now to greatly improve their facilities – I sure wish this was the way it was when I was there!