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There are days I feel like the stroke aged me well beyond my mid-forties I’m already a Grumpy old man 👴! Often attempting to do the simplest tasks around home can be extremely frustrating. You would not believe having only having one hand that functions can cause so much angst! There are days I’m getting by just fine I think.  Then, like today I try to help Jeanie out in the yard hookup our garden irrigation system and well, that’s what I’m calling ‘Advanced therapy’ 😉  I was thinking of getting a t-shirt made to say ‘Fueled By Frustration’ :-).  It takes all I can muster to not start throwing things around like a little kid having a tantrum 😦    I suppose that this is & will be for a long time all very much part of the recovery, but it’s got to be one of the most aggravating aspects.