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I want to highly recommend to any stroke survivor out there reading this to consider picking up a recumbent trike.  It does absolute wonders for your rehab overall, your spirits, you independence, and its so great to be truly mobile again w with the wind in your face and not faced with the otherwise awkwardness hemiplegia brings to your life getting around otherwise!  There are often deals around on used ones and plenty of ones that are more affordable than mine if you are budget conscience.  If in the Pacific NW, check out RecumbentPDX.  See another post here where I wrote about my experience there.

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Now that Spring is in full gear around Seattle, I do get out on my trike just about each day whether for exercise or running errands.  I have a rack on the back that can carry two large panniers (rainproof Ortliebs for Seattle of course) in which I can carry groceries, picnic lunch – you name it.    Seattle also closes off a large stretch of the streets on the west shore of Lake WA many sundays in the summer for Bike Sundays, which is pretty neat too.


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I would like to again take part in n organized club ride or two in the future – hell perhaps even the STP or RSVP next year!  Its pretty set up for such a ride.



If you ask me if I want to ever go back to my former 2-wheeled machines, I would have to say yes though for sure.  As much as I really enjoy the laid back feel of a recumbent, I do miss the snappy performance and especially the ability to hill climb that I used to be able to do on my Trek Madone!  Now, it just hangs on the wall in my basement…














or my trusty commuter….





But being that May is Bike Month and all, I’m actually strongly considering riding my trike into work 🙂