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One of the important things they will always tell you is to try to mark down various milestones in one’s process of recovery, no matter how big or small.  This is not only to WIPtrack progress, but enlightening to then look back to see how far you’ve come! I did start such a list early on – today I added the most recent entry since it’s a goal I have had for some time now with my PT, Anne.  I joke with her that I have a goal to be able to ‘wash my pits in the shower’ 😉

My list thus far…


UPDATE:  I’m quite proud of now being able to leave the cane home as boy was that a pain in the arse!  About the single only benefit it had left was that it would get you better (or any) seat on the light rail 🙂  But much rather not have it 🙂

The list wont stop there!  As I look back at the tremendous progress, I only see so much more!  For instance, Driving again (probably another 3-4 months more), riding a 2-wheel cycle again, running (OK, jogging would even be nice), typing with both hands, pottery again, on & on…