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Words can’t convey how beneficial it has been to get out and be again riding my new recumbent trike (more here)!  It has not only been great for rehab, strength building, and endurance, but its given me a lot of my needed independence back.  I am now able to run errands, go to Dr. & therapy appointments where before I was stuck pestering family & friends (which I greatly appreciated BTW!) or taking Metro Access e.g. the ‘short bus’ or Hyde Shuttle. But just as important has been how great it is for my overall mood & happiness!  I genuinely feel something missing if I don’t get out and ride each day ( at least when the weather isn’t total crap).

I had an appointment the other day with my Psychologist where I rode my new trike up there.  Prior to starting my session, he stepped out to take a look at the new trike where I said “meet your match on wheels” 🙂