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Jeanie & I decided to make a very quick road trip down to Portland to see if we could correct the mistakes of the past to just get me  a new trike.  With all the many issues (see last post) I experienced and seeing that beautiful weather is not only on its way, but already here, I was so desperate to just put the past in the past and move on, that this became the new plan!

After a few hours of research online, my Googling ultimately led me to this shop:  RecumbentPDX .  I could tell immediately upon chatting ahead of time over the phone with Mel, the owner that it would be a terrific personalized experience.   He scheduled the day/time ahead plus had a few trikes set aside ahead of our visit to make the most use of our time.  

After another great Portlandia breakfast, Jeanie & I arrived  at the shop where we were greeted first my Lilly, the sweet ‘shop dog’ followed by the staff with a brief tour of their well organized showroom.

I went in there with 2-3 models of the brand, Catrike that I had done quite a bit of research online on. One great thing about the shop is that they have at least one demo of everything the sell to take out and test ride.  They even have a bit of a hilly quiet road in the neighborhood to try (well, not really) and simulate what the very hilly Seattle streets may be like back home.  They suggested that Jeanie also take one out with me…to be able to trade off in the middle of the test ride, and well,it was just more fun with my sweetie 🙂

New Trike ready to take home!

New Trike ready to take home!

After riding about six varied models, I pretty much narrowed it down to two models:  The 700 & the Road.  There were certainly pros & cons to each and it was a very tough decision to make, but ended up choosing The Road (in blue).  Another fantastic service they offer is one of their staff, Eddee  is an adaptive and rehabilitative riding expert who also owns her own company on the side (details here).  She gave me some great advice on my unique special needs – like moving all of the controls over to the right-side and other important considerations.

Anyhow, I left there having one of the very best customer service experiencing of my life.  I would most certainly recommend them to anyone looking for a trike anywhere in the Pacific NW!

I’m sure over the weeks/months to come, I will be sharing many more photos & stories!


Update:  No regrets with this trike model (Catrike Road) – having the suspension certainly helps on our absolute crap roads here in Seattle!